(Some stories include other pairings, as noted.)

Episode tags:
"Wait. So you're saying that the women in this room are all competing for a chance to be with me, and I don't have to marry them?"
A rather silly story set after the episode Harmony, wherein John and Rodney return to the planet, and Harmony has a plan. 4500 words, barely even PG. McKay/Sheppard.
The First Cut (Still Bleeds)
Rodney doesn't show up for that beer.
Set immediately post-Quarantine. Unresolved Sheppard/Lorne, unresolved Sheppard/McKay, PG, 1000 words.
Celestial Navigation
A moment between John and Rodney on the Daedalus, returning from the Aurora.
Written for let_fate_decide in the Back To Basics exchange. Spoilers through Aurora, McKay/Sheppard pre-slash, PG. 1500 words. Written with At Sea in mind, but can be read without reading that one.
At Sea
John watches the sea, and thinks.
McKay and Sheppard, pre-slash, PG-13 for language. Tag for Trinity.
Cobweb Afternoon
Immediately after.
Takes place within the episode Sunday, so major, major spoilers for that episode. John/Rodney pre-slash, PG, 900 words.
A Yellow Wood
Rodney's had a long, hard few weeks.
A tag for the SG-1 episode Road Not Taken. John/Rodney, PG, 2000 words.

A Day in the Life, aka Early Riser/Evening Prayers
John woke up horny. And he's been horny all day.
Two connected shorts written for the Merry Month of Masturbation challenge. John/Rodney, NC-17, 2000 words.
A Kind of Natural Thing
Rodney's got a predicament. John figures that he should give his best friend a helping hand.
6000 words, explicit, toy use, first time. More fun with cliché fic. McKay/Sheppard.
Definition of Unsubtly
John and Rodney get stranded on a planet together. Rodney's cranky, pissed, and sore--until John offers him a backrub.
This is highly self-indulgent clichéfic. 4000 words, explicit. McKay/Sheppard.
Wrapped in the Heavens
John has plans for their vacation together.
Nebulous future fic, of the "on vacation back on Earth" variety. No spoilers, just them having fun. NC-17. McKay/Sheppard.
Hands-On Research
Rodney teaches John a thing or two about his own body.
Um, established-relationship first-time ass-play. *g* NC-17. McKay/Sheppard.
Shadowing the Surface
They've learned to take the unexpected gifts, no matter how strangely shaped the packages.
Set sometime in Season 2, but no specific spoilers. NC-17. McKay/Sheppard.
John's pulling a late night working on supply requisitions, and Rodney gives him incentive to finish up.
Comment porn. NC-17. McKay/Sheppard.
Spare Time
Rodney wakes before John on a rare morning off.
Inspired by a picture from reedfem's collection. NC-17. McKay/Sheppard.
Experimental Method
Rodney finds something interesting in one of the labs, and gets John to help him test it out.
McKay/Sheppard, NC-17 for explicit sex, toy use.
On a return visit to the village of Childhood's End, Rodney gets a little...tied up. John has to help him out.
McKay/Sheppard, NC-17 for explicit sex, bondage.
John gets a little...caught his work. Rodney gets his own back.
Sequel to Reparations. McKay/Sheppard, NC-17 for explicit sex, bondage.
Pre-pre-mission Briefings in the Pegasus Galaxy
There are rituals that must be observed. Bonds must be forged. Team-building exercises must be carried out...Yeah, okay, it's just porn.
John/Rodney/Teyla/Ronon (team!porn), NC-17 het and slash. Sort of set in between Duet and Condemned, but really has very little connection with Atlantean reality.
Things That Go Bump in the Night
John hears something in the night.
For flashfic's voyeurism challenge. McKay/Sheppard, NC-17 (with a little Teyla/Ford in the background).

Shorter pieces:
Feels Like the First Time NEW!
John, Rodney, a happy day on yet another planet, and established-relationship kisses. Written for a Mcsmooch kissing challenge. 700 words, PG.
Near, At Hand (Imminent) NEW!
John and Rodney being cranky on yet another planet leads to a small step forward. Written for a Mcsmooch kissing challenge. 1200 words, PG.
A tiny ficlet set in the first season. John, Rodney, snow. G, 300 words.
If At First You Don't Succeed...
Some days, Elizabeth swore she was stuck in a Crosby and Hope routine.
The prompt was 'mistaken identity'. The result? Very silly. Spoilers for SG-1's The Pegasus Project. PG. Implied McKay/Sheppard.
Nothing Like the Real Thing
Guys' night out always leads to talking about kinky shit, right?
Inspired by a conversation with svilleficrecs. Just a bit of not-quite-first-time McKay/Sheppard fun, set sometime between Childhood's End and The Storm in first season. 1800 words, PG-13.
Infinite and Unforeseen
Rodney needed more than small touches right now. He needed to hold John, and be held, and he sure as hell wasn't going to get away with that in front of witnesses.
A riff off of the standard hurt/comfort scenario. PG-13. Established McKay/Sheppard.
Critical Mass
Rodney knew it was an inevitability. One day, they'd hit critical mass.
PG. Oblique spoilers for Instinct/Conversion. McKay/Sheppard.

Longer stories:
Accidentally In Love
John still doesn't quite understand how one crazy assumption completely turned his life upside down. But that's okay. He's pretty happy, all the same.
A John/Rodney first-time story. 17,000 words, NC-17, theoretically set sometime in Season 3 (no major spoilers).
Depth of Need
"I need Beckett to meet us in the jumper bay. There's a chance Rodney and I have been compromised."
Aliens made them do it--maybe? Set sometime post-second season. 7000 words, NC-17. McKay/Sheppard.
And I Am There
John's vocation takes him all over the world in search of miracles. He doesn't expect to find much when he's sent to interview Rodney McKay, a man apparently afflicted with the Stigmata--the wounds of Christ. Instead, he finds much, much more than he ever dreamed.
An Atlantis fusion with the movie Stigmata. You can think of this as an unauthorized novelization of the movie script, with it modified to fit the Atlantis characters. Dialogue heavily drawn from that of Tom Lazarus and Rick Ramage; if it's a religious explanation, 'original' characters speaking, or a plot-turning conversation, it's probably theirs. However, I've added a lot of my own stuff, so it's not simply copy and paste. 30,000 words, PG-13 for some violence. John/Rodney with minor Rodney/OMC. Contains religious elements that some may find blasphemous.
Pop Psychology
Rodney's not sure about the changes to the team make-up. It takes him a while to figure some things out.
Written for a ficathon, for ssenza who wanted: Rodney jealous of John spending a lot of time with Ronon (but no actual relationships with Ronon), forcing him to admit his ability to be attracted to a man--with a sex scene. 6500 words. Set after Duet and around Condemned, NC-17. McKay/Sheppard.
Gifts Unasked For
After Ford is taken by the Wraith, Stargate Command gives him up as lost. But his team isn't ready to accept that decision.
Sheppard/Mckay/Teyla, NC-17 for explicit heterosexual and homosexual sex. 42,000 words. AU after Siege II, but draws on plot elements from Siege III and Intruder.
Plus, 5 Encounters John and Rodney Have back in Atlantis post-Gifts Unasked For. Features additional scenes with Elizabeth, Lorne, Ronon, Teyla, and each other. NC-17, 6000 words.
(Also see Other.)



A Strong Tea
Charin had made certain Teyla would always remember this recipe, even if it made the lines around her eyes draw into tight furrows of sorrow each time Teyla repeated the words.
Teyla-centric 'what-if' ficlet, high angst. May be disturbing to some. PG.
Angels in the Architecture
John has a hard time figuring out his place in the universe after Carson makes a startling discovery: John may very well be an Ancient.
Gen, 8300 words, featuring John, Rodney, Elizabeth, Teyla, Ronon, and Carson. An expansion of the last drabble I wrote in anticipation of season 2.
Time is Always Time
Elizabeth thinks about her day, and her role on Atlantis.
A ficlet written for the sga_flashfic Enclosed Spaces challenge. Set at the end of Before I Sleep. Gen.
Two Creams, One Sugar
Marshall Sumner liked his coffee with two creams and a sugar.
Elizabeth, thinking after the events of Rising. Just a ficlet.



Where Credit Is Due
He traces the beginning back to one insufferable Rodney McKay.
A quick look at the developing relationship between Elizabeth and Radek through first and second season. PG, 2600 words.
A Certain Shore
Radek is not a brave man, and he knows it. Elizabeth begs to differ.
Episode tag for Grace Under Pressure. PG, 1200 words.
She doesn't know why she underestimated him so badly.
Written for the 'darkness' challenge on sga_flashfic. Weir/Zelenka, PG, introspective fluff.
They might have to obscure it, but their love remains unshadowed.
Written for miera in the Weir/Zelenka Thing-A-Thon exchange. I envisioned this one as a mirror to Enlightenment, set a year or two in the future. PG.
Personal Allocations
Elizabeth thinks about her connections to the science contingent. Can be read as a prequel to Enlightenment.
Pre-Weir/Zelenka, PG. Spoilers for Siege I.
Radek has had enough of enough.
Little more than a drabble, written for my Weir/Zelenka claim for the fanfic100 challenge. Set post-Lost Boys, but no spoilers for Hive. PG.
Cracked Lens
It is raining today on Atlantis.
A bit of unrequited pondering, set between Lost Boys and the Hive. Hints of other het pairings. PG.
(Also see Other.)



His eyes make her feel naked.
Pre-relationship, PG. Written for chopchica's request for Ronon making Elizabeth feel off-balance.
(Also see Other.)



Brown Paper Packages
John's never tempted for himself.
Written for Whitetigress in the John/Teyla holiday exchange. John/Teyla, PG.
(Also see Other.)



Silk Tree
Elizabeth learns more about the flora of her new home...and possibly more than that.
Pre-Weir/Teyla, PG. Spoilers for Intruder.
(Also see Other.)



Physical Therapy
Back on Earth, Bates has issues.
Written for the Merry Month of Masturbation challenge at trobadora's behest. Bates thinks about Teyla. Unrequited Teyla/Bates, NC-17 with some violent imagery, 600 words.
Teyla says goodbye.
Set after Siege III. Written for raisintorte in the Teyla/Bates Thing-a-thon. More gen than ship, PG, 600 words.


New Things
Lorne brings her new things.
Written for miera_c, who requested Lorne bringing Teyla a baby gift. Spoilers through Missing. 1000 words, PG, slight Lorne/Teyla.
Radek has more testing to do, now that they're on a new planet. Lorne goes with him.
Written for moonlettuce as a pinch hit in the Czech is in the Male thing-a-thon. She wanted puddlejumper, sky, and glee. 1700 words, mild references to Quarantine, PG, Lorne/Zelenka.
They're trapped in an ice cave, oh noes! What to do?
No spoilers. Weir/Zelenka, Weir/Zelenka/Lorne UST, minor implied McKay/Sheppard. PG, 1500 words.
"Show me," he says.
Written for the Merry Month of Masturbation challenge at smittywing's behest. Takes place in her universe where Sumner doesn't die. Just porn. Weir/Sumner, NC-17, 700 words.
Waking Up Rapunzel
On a simple shopping expedition, Teyla spots an old acquaintance, and gets pulled into a convoluted plot she can only try to talk herself out of.
Written for Caitrin on behalf of Sweet Charity. Set between Common Ground and Irresponsible. Teyla/Sora, PG, 13,000 words.

So Long, aka Five Porny Ways the Team Said Goodbye
A five things fic, set within The Return Part 1. NC-17 for various het and slash situations.

So Petals Moulder
As the team bond over shared stories of their youth, Teyla remembers what was.
Teyla/Halling past relationship, PG, 1800 words.
A Night at the Opera
Aliens didn't make them do it. They just encouraged. Nicely.
Another sex romp. Explicit Elizabeth/Ronon/Teyla, with a bit of non-explicit John/Rodney. NC-17, 5000 words.
Love. Sex. Need. Strength. These things don't necessarily go together. Elizabeth has to figure that out on her own.
McKay/Weir, Sheppard/Weir, Sheppard/McKay. NC-17 for het sex. Follows Hot Zone, Sanctuary, and Before I Sleep.
He lets himself look, because there is no reason not to.
Set within the episode Childhood's End. Unrequited Keras/Sheppard, PG.
A Curious Affair; or, Teyla Gone Wild
A mission off-world sends Teyla into heat.
Set some nebulous time in the second season, this is a Choose Your Own Porn story. You pick who Teyla ends up with: Carson Beckett, Elizabeth Weir, John Sheppard, Kate Heightmeyer, Radek Zelenka, Rodney McKay, Ronon Dex--or even John and Rodney together. NC-17 for het, femslash, or slash, depending on your choice.
Five Men Teyla Emmagan Was Never Attracted To
Teyla has always been good at sublimating. She thinks about the men of Atlantis
PG, het UST (Teyla/Sheppard, Teyla/Ford, Teyla/Beckett, Teyla/Bates, Teyla/McKay) and a smidge of McKay/Sheppard. 2700 words.
Top Ten Drabblish Things
These were written between Season 1 and Season 2 as a bit of fun, things I would have liked to see as part of the second season. Gen. Spoilers for Season 1.
Teyla thinks about his hands.
For sga_flashfic's 38 minute challenge--the story had to be written in 38 minutes or less. Teyla/Carson PWP, very NC-17.
Are all the men of Atlantis gay? The women have a meeting to decide a course of action.
This needs a little explaining. It's a silly fluff piece set in the Pegasus B universe. This is a shared Alternate Universe based on the idea that Daniel Jackson didn't join the SGC until the Pegasus mission, Jack O'Neill had more bad stuff happen to him, and the two of them go to Atlantis with everybody else. Whacky stuff happens, good and bad. Someone complained that the girls were getting short shrift in Peg B. I wrote this in response. PG-13, implications of het, slash, and femslash.


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